Demontes Video


Rock falls and Landslides are major types of natural hazard world-wide that kill or injure a large number of individuals and causes very high costs every year. Such events cannot be avoided, however, it is known that knowledge about the dynamics of unstable areas (i.e. the determination and measurements of surface deformations in cm-accuracy range) in many cases allows the prediction of hazardous events. Therefore such information may be crucial in order to allow live saving reactions. This implies an urgent need for highly effective and reliable tools for monitoring potential rock fall areas at an operational level, in order to obtain better knowledge on the expected dynamics, and the spatial distribution of the event. The EC FP7-SPACE Project De-Montes (Deformation Monitoring by High Resolution Terrestrial Long Range Sensing; aimed at the provision of an efficient, highly automated, high-resolution, terrestrial, long range sensing measurement and analysis system which is able to monitor geo-risk areas and deforming large man-made objects by means of non-signalized natural target points – which is a key to such systems due to the lack of accessibility and the required distance-to-the-object.